Saturday, September 14, 2013

Volcano Choir - Repave


Justin Vernon of Bon Iver side project with members from All Tiny Creatures and Collections Of Colonies Of Bees titled Volcano Choir return with the bands second LP Repave. It comes four years after the bands very good debut 2009 LP Unmap. The band spent the four years working on the new LP off and on again while also working on their other musical projects, but recently came together to put on the finishing touches.

The bands strays slightly away from the rapid experimental sound that was highlighted in Unmap to focus on a more constructed, tuned product. With Vernon focusing purely on lyrics and vocals and the rest of the group concentrating on the instrumentals, Vernon's story telling shine like never before. For instance in the albums strongest track, Byegone, Vernon tells us of the times of old friends together out in an isolated northern cabin, sharing "enough keif / You could really bore somebody"

With Volcano Choir we don't quite get the unique, sorrowing, flavor of despair that we ironically love with Vernon's Bon Iver. But the beauty of the hooks and choruses will show you that Vernon and friends are more than just a side project.

-The Talent

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