Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of The Seasons EP


Not too long ago, we were blessed with the glorious news that, after a year of the release of Two Door Cinema Club's second studio album Beacon, the band would be releasing an EP titled after their upcoming sing Changing Of The Season. That day is finally upon us. Though I'd already gotten the chance to listen to the title track/single several times and 90 second previews of the other three tracks, I was still unbelievably excited to listen to this EP and I was not disappointing in the slightest.

The EP kicks of with it's title track. In the song lead vocalist Alex Trimble begins the song with "So it's over? I didn't realize / It's so much colder / But it was no surprise" referring to a past relationship, he compare the changing of the time (seasons) to his development in thought of his former partner, "'Cause every day since you left me / I've thought less and less of you" "Could be the changing of the seasons / But I don't love you anymore"

Track two, Crystal, Alex's soft vocals are accompanied by a beautiful string section, something the band has yet to have done. Alex sings repeatedly "I should have kissed you". The song is a reflection, a look back at the mistakes he has made and the regrets he holds. "Sweetness suspend me in crystal" ends the song through an angelic harmony.

Golden Veins and Changing Of The Seasons (Monsieur Adi Remix) finish off the EP in style. Golden Veins brings us back from the sorrowing melody of Crystal with an opening riff that sounds very similar to the bands track The World Is Watching (With Valentina). Hip Hop synths and percussion stream in creating yet another fun Two Door dance track. The Monsieur Adi Remix of Changing Of The Seasons takes the track and doubles the length in time. It's your typical remix track, but it does what all good remixes should do; it creates a new dimension of the song and it's themes and not completely transforming the song itself. If this a sneak peek of what the young Irish rockers have in store for us, you can color me interested.

-The Talent

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