Monday, September 9, 2013

Arctic Monkeys - AM


There are a lot of bands out there these days. We've got metal bands, rock bands, jazz bands, blues bands, folk bands, indie bands. But which of these categories do the Arctic Monkeys fall into? Some might say rock/indie rock. But the true, honest to God answer is the Arctic Monkeys are an Arctic Monkeys band. There's really no one like them, and they are like no one else. With the release of their fifth LP, 'AM', this statement has never made more sense.

It seems as though with every new album the Arctic Monkeys put out, it is far different and further out there than the one before. 2006's record shattering Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not rocked your socks and made you put on your dancing shoes. The even better Favorite Worst Nightmare of 2007 still had you grooving, but also doing some serious thinking and reflecting. 2009's "experimental" Humbug had you crying over lightning. 2011's Suck It And See had you swaying your head and wondering what the fuck Alex Turner was talking about. AM has got us all wondering how the hell the Arctic Monkeys can complimentary transform their sound into a sexy hybrid of hip-hop/pop/and rock, and still manage to maintain the bands continuity. I don't get it either!

AM brings something competitively new to the game. The Arctic Monkeys are innovators, renaissance men, and surprise, surprise, they hail from Britain. This all comes after the release of the 2012 single 'R U Mine?'. After such a positive response from the track from both the fans and the band themselves, they decided to make a whole album of R U Mine-esqu tunes, and thus, AM was born.

I can't help but keep describing this album as "damn sexy", with tracks like Do I Wanna Know?, Arabella, Snap Out Of It, and Knee Socks I can't help but lose myself in the music and then find myself back in reality humping the nearest object. With Alex Turners seductive lyrics (i.e. Arabella:
(That's magic) in a cheetah print coat
(Just a slip) underneath it I hope
(That's magic) in a cheetah print coat
(Just a slip) underneath it I hop
That's magic, in a cheetah print coat / Just a slip, underneath it I hope) accompanied by Drummer, Matthew Helders' ghostly falsetto, you can't not want pelvic thrust the air. But it's not all pure sex, you still get your slow jams with No. 1 Party Anthem, Mad Sounds, and I Wanna Be Yours. And don't forget about your groovy/dance songs like R U Mine?, One For The Road, I Want It All, and Fireside. AM truly has it all, and is a certainly an album you can't afford to miss this year.

-The Talent

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