Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kanye West - Yeezus


"How much do I not give a fuck?" Mr. West asks in On Sight, the first track of Yeezus. The answer is clear. The question is quickly followed with a familiar College Dropout sample sounding tune that goes on to say "He'll give us what we need / It may not be what we want." Which, is the perfect way to describe what this album is. Not something we want(old Kanye) but something we need(New Kanye).

If you thought Kanye was giving the middle finger to the mainstream music scene with his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, well it looks like he's just thrown up his other middle finger. Kanye has talked a lot about how on this album he really wanted to create music that he really loved weather or not it was the kind of music that would bring in the big money. Similar to how he felt with Twisted Fantasy, which only had on major radio hit, but was praised by critics everywhere though to date it is his lowest selling album.

Yeezus is the perfect blend of the powerful and emotional sound of 2008's 8o8s and Heartbreaks and the masterful lyricism and execution of Twisted Fantasy. Ye' explorers ideas of how the African-American community is seen these days in modern America with Black Skinhead and New Slaves. Also speaks of his history with addictions and loss in tracks Hold My Liquor, I'm In It, and Blood On The Leaves. But still gives us a taste of old, goofy, witty Kanye with Bound 2, and Send It Up.

A hot topic about the album has been its title 'Yeezus', and the track 'I Am A God'. Both would seem like very narcissistic things to say, and of course we've known Kanye to have giant ego. But as he also did on Twisted Fantasy, he's not so much preaching about himself as he is expressing his recognition of this god complex he's seemed to bestow upon himself. He mentions how being a "god" would be stressful and that it's not something he particularly wants, but has also unfortunately been put on that pedestal by critics and fans a like. "I am a god / Even though I'm a man of God / My whole life in the hands of God / So y'all better quit playing with God." Yeezus shows how Kanye continues to reinvent himself and discover more about himself, and the world.

Kanye drafted yet another star studded collaborations team on the album which includes Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and fellow Chicago rappers King L and Chief Keef. Rick Ruben and Daft Punk also helped produce the album.

-The Talent

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