Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pacific Air - Stop Talking


The duo from California, formerly known as KO KO finally released their highly anticipated debut album, Stop Talking. This coming out several months after their Long Live Ko Ko EP release, which, for me, was one of the best EP's of 2012. All four of the tracks from the EP, including the very popular Float, were all added to the album, along with eight others. Releasing this in June was a very smart game plan by the band, for this is perfect summer music. Listening to it will get you aching to get outside, driving with your windows and top down on your way to the beach on a beautiful sunny day. The sound of most of the songs have a very medium tempo, are very melodic and ambient at times. They combine simple, reverbed guitar riffs, synths, whistles, wind pipes, basic drum patterns and heavy echoed vocals to create this very fun and enjoyable 12 track LP. Lead singer, Ryan Lawhon's lyrics on this album seem to reflect on indecisiveness towards love and life. He sings "I don't want to be young / But I don't want to die" mystically in Float. "If we both get old / Will you let me float away?" Stop Talking contains such a diverse compilation of tracks, lyrically. The sound of a lot of them seem to be quite a like each other, but the slight repetition in sound happens to work splendidly as the duo's tunes have you tapping your toes, whistle along, and dreaming of summer.

-The Talent

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