Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Surfer Blood - Pythons


Surfer Blood is back with their Sophomore effort, Pythons. The Alternative/indie-rock Florida band returns after their stunning 2009 debut album Astro Coast. The band jumped onto the scene right away before the release of the album itself. Their first single Swim, which they released several months before the album dropped, got the buzz about the guys going. Again, this time around, they released a single before the release, as most bands do. This single however just seemed to be missing something, something I can't quite put my finger on. Their first LP had it all, cool guitars, great riffs, awesome vocals, and so does all of Python, but this time it just seems tired. As if they didn't just take a four year break between albums. Astro Coast gives off this fresh, exciting sounds, where as Pythons just seems to lack newness. Pythons does take on some new, adventures lyrical styling. They seem to be digging deeper into ideas of looking beyond what your eyes see, and becoming more in tuned with life and death. Though this album, duller than their previous, still includes some groovy jams such as Demon Dance (The Single Mentioned earlier), Squeezing Blood, and Phantom Limb (Bonus Track). Surfer Blood seems to hit the Sophomore slump a bit with this LP, but avoids getting consumed by it completely thanks to front man, John Paul Pitts fascinating lyrics, and the bands still radical sound, tired though it may be. Still a very strong album.

-The Talent

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