Thursday, May 23, 2013

Phoenix - Bankrupt!


Phoenix returns with their fifth studio album Bankrupt! A marvelous return after their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album which is absolute perfection. After a short four year hiatus, they've come back with a very strong ten track record. About two months previous to the release of the album the band but out Entertainment as their first single. A very fun, poppy, uptempo track that is reminiscent of classical Japanese orchestra. It ended up being the first track on the record and kicks it off very powerfully. the second track The Real Thing may be one of my favorites songs of the year. It also seems to have the theme of classical Japanese Orchestra incorporated into it. I honestly have no idea what the song is exactly about, which I can also say for pretty much all of their songs. Very cryptic lyrics seem to be a theme from the band backed by cool synths and awesome harmonies. After the first few tracks, the album seems to blend together a bit and get slightly forgetful, but not nearly enough for me to stop listening. Overall, Bankrupt! is a great album to dance to and have fun to, but that seems to be all there is.

-The Talent

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