Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories


Daft Punk returns back to us with Random Access Memories, their fourth album. The french duo return after sitting back for seven years, not counting their score work for TRON: Legacy. They are back with a vengeance, pairing up with the likes of Panda Bear, Paul Williams, Pharrell Williams,  and Julian Casablancas on several tracks. Might it be the duo's attempt at escaping the gimmick of the synthesized voice or is it just an attempt at something new? Who's to say, but it works extremely well. The first single off of the album, Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams, is a deliciously fun, funky track. The radio edit is about four minutes long where as the album version is six minutes. The extended album version seems to be even better and more funky, combining Daft Punk's signature computer voice with Pharrell's vocals creating a very unique teaming of sounds. The album is very complex and unique from any of their other works. This albums seems to be more intimate and almost as if they're telling a story apposed to compiling a record full of cool songs. The song, Giorgio by Moroder, is almost an entire story of it's own. It starts with dialogue from Giorgio Moroder talking about his journey of becoming a musician and his discovery of the synthesizer and the creation of dance/techno music. The song then transitions into an epic filled with rises and falls, creating by far the coolest, most awesome track I've ever heard from Daft Punk. The album gets even more amazing with Instant Crush ft. Julian Casablanca, this song continues the theme of regret that is brought up in The Game of Love. An amazing team up on this song, using Julian's brilliant voice and editing the fuck out of it to make it even cooler and having it really bring out the emotion. The album continues on epically and brings us to Doin' It Right ft. Panda Bear, the funk is almost too much to handle with this yet another amazing collaborative effort. RAM is wrapped up epically with the albums final track, Contact. With Random Access Memories, Daft Punk continues to show why they are the face of House music.

-The Talent

Phoenix - Bankrupt!


Phoenix returns with their fifth studio album Bankrupt! A marvelous return after their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album which is absolute perfection. After a short four year hiatus, they've come back with a very strong ten track record. About two months previous to the release of the album the band but out Entertainment as their first single. A very fun, poppy, uptempo track that is reminiscent of classical Japanese orchestra. It ended up being the first track on the record and kicks it off very powerfully. the second track The Real Thing may be one of my favorites songs of the year. It also seems to have the theme of classical Japanese Orchestra incorporated into it. I honestly have no idea what the song is exactly about, which I can also say for pretty much all of their songs. Very cryptic lyrics seem to be a theme from the band backed by cool synths and awesome harmonies. After the first few tracks, the album seems to blend together a bit and get slightly forgetful, but not nearly enough for me to stop listening. Overall, Bankrupt! is a great album to dance to and have fun to, but that seems to be all there is.

-The Talent

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City


There are just so many things I can say about this album. But for the life of me I just cant figure out how to say them. All I can really express is how this album may be the most important piece of music I have ever listened to. There is so much beauty in the minds of Ezra, Rostam, CT, and Baio. The four of them plus additional producer Ariel Rechtscaid have created a spectacular record that I believe will never be forgot. The album seems to revile a bit of maturity in the song writing of Ezra Koenig. He moves away from the college campus and Cape Cod and directs his ideas to morality and the Unbelievers. Tracks like Step, Diane Young, and Don't Lie refer to Ezra's possible fear of death and aging, i.e. "There's a headstone right in front of you and everyone I know", "I love the past because I hate suspense", "Wisdom's a gift but you'd trade it for youth". In other songs like Unbelievers, Everlasting Arms, Worship You, and Ya Hey, Ezra writes about his idea and thoughts on religious beliefs. i.e. "Could I have been made to serve a master/When I’m never gonna understand, never understand", "If I’m born again I know that the world will disagree". Referencing back to the idea of morality and time, Don't Lie and Hudson both use the sound of clocks ticking in the songs referring to the passing of time and that we are constantly getting older. Though the album is a bit more serious and darker, the guys don't abandon the fun uptempo sound that they created with A-Punk. Modern Vampires of the City has a fantastic ratio of both upbeat sounds like in Diane Young, Worship You and Finger Back, and slow, melodic songs like Hannah Hunt, Hudson, Obvious Bicycle and Young Lion. This album will stick with me for a very long time and I think it will make any Vampire Weekend Unbeliever into a faithful follower. I can already tell you know, this will be The Talent's Choice for album of the year, no doubt. Sorry for the spoiler.

-The Talent