Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Strokes - Comedown Machine


The cycle is complete! The Strokes have released their final album with RCA; Comedown Machine resonates past sounds that we have come to love from the band and also new sounds that I expect to hear more of in the future. Comedown Machine is the New York bands fifth album, it contains eleven tracks and is about forty minutes long.

After the release of their first album Is This It, which was a massive critical success and helped the band blast onto the music scene. None of their next three albums seemed to "measure up" to the first one until now. Comedown Machine has been receiving fair critical praise and has been said to be "their best work since Is This It." Now if you ask me, I think The Strokes are one of the greatest bands of this generation and will go down along with Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire as this generations greatest contributors to music. I also think that all of The Strokes albums have been masterpieces, none fall short to me. So I may be a little bias giving this review, what with me having a gigantic boner for Julian and the gang, but regardless, this album is near perfection, though, I still wouldn't say it's their very best.

As I said earlier it emulates earlier albums with its almost lo-fi sound and simple guitar riff tunes that had us first falling in love with the band with tracks like All the Time and 50/50. It also displays songs that might be giving us a peek into the future of The Strokes with One Way Trigger and Call It Fate, Call It Karma. The tracks use piercing falsettos by Julian and excessive synths that get your booty shaking. They really tried their hardest to please everyone with this album but at the same time saying "Fuck you, we'll make the music we want to make." And they did it quite successfully. If you have the opportunity, please do yourself a favor and buy this album!

-The Talent

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