Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun. - Some Nights

Some Nights - Fun.

On February 21st, 2012 fun. released their second studio album titled 'Some Nights'. Before I get into the album let me first tell you a little about the band. Fun. is an Indie Pop/Rock band out of New York. They released their first album in 2009 and have been kind of MIA since then, until late 2011 when they released a track titled, 'We Are Young' featuring Janelle Monae. The song was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Chevrolet. It pretty much took my world by storm from there. I really like the song. It has a great melody and is catchy as all heck. I was delighted to see that they had a brand new album coming out soon too, and here it is. Something I thought made this album pretty cool was that producer Jeff Bhasker - who co-produces with Kanye West - produced this album and gave it a nifty hip hop flare. The album starts out with the title track. There's a two-minute intro, but it basically integrates itself with the rest of the song. It's also incredibly catchy, which seems to be fun.'s specialty. The song does unfortunately include a short, unnecessary 15 second auto-tuned solo, but the song still kicks ass. I was very happy about their wide variety of instruments. For instance, in 'Carry On' there is heavy use of synths and strings, an oddly great combination. A lot of other songs include trumpets, and orchestral strings. They all worked very well with the sounds, as did the synthesizers. Although the synths were a bit overused at times, it never bothered me too much. A great aspect of the LP is you rarely hear the same sound. Fun. does a great job of changing up the genres from Pop to Hip-Hop to Rock, and even to Funk! Throughout my listening I received a very strong sense of a Queen influence, especially in 'Carry On' and 'All Alright'. But for all the good things about this album, it has to come with some negatives. There was a slight overuse of filters on the voice and far too much auto-tune (which is a filter, but a more popular filter than others that were used.) It had a great start but I just started to lose me until 'Stars' came on. It reminded me a lot of Kanye West's record 'Runaway'. 'Stars' finishes the album on a strong note. After about two or three more interested, all of the songs really grew on me. My final thoughts on fun.'s 'Some Nights': it's a fun listen, no pun intended, and keeps you interested throughout. (Written by Zachary Matson - Reviewed and Edited by Amy Dahlke)

-The Talent

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