Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Black Keys - El Camino


The date is December 6th, 2011, this date is very important, because it marks the date that The Black Keys released their best album to date. The album is lead off with their first single off the record 'Lonely Boy' the song is catchy and is a great song to kick it off. It reminds you right away that you're listening to The Black Keys. 'Dead and Gone' follows, as most of their songs it's lead by an awesome guitar riff. My personal favorite song on the album is next, 'Gold On the Ceiling', it has a great feel to it, a little something new from the Keys that I really liked. Those first three track all contain the magnificence that is The Black Keys. The next few track continue you on the great El Camino ride, filled with fantastic vocals, and kick-ass drums and guitar. The Black Keys continue doing on this album what they've done their entire career, jamming out and creating good old fashion rock n roll. I've always respected them for their passion for music, they don't focus on making catchy radio songs, they focus on making music that they love, and that really comes out in this album, especially in 'Sister'. El Camino is filled with fun, head bop worthy music, that will be on repeat on yours and my iPod for a good week. This is one of my favorite albums of the year, and I've only listened to it once.

-The Talent

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